Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

Formula 101 Demonstrations

1. How to get stains out of fabric

If you’ve ever gotten stains in your favourite clothes and found it difficult to get them back to their original state, let us show you how.

Whether the discoloration is from foods, grass, blood, mud, or any other type of organic stains, Formula 101 is able to easily lift it away without smearing it further. And it does so without damaging your fabrics.

How to use Formula 101 on your clothes

Formula 101 essentially acts like a bleach for your clothes without the damaging effects.

Watch as stains disappear before your eyes in the following demonstration video.

2. How to get grease and oil out of carpets

Anyone that has ever managed to get a whopping grease stain on their carpets understands the horror associated with it. First there’s the panic of what just happened and then the surrender to a permanent ugly stain with eyes that follow you around the room.

Well, there is no more need to strategically place furniture on top of greasy carpet stain!

Formula 101 is a powerful surfactant that lifts even the toughest of stains, from cooking oils to black tarry motor grease, out of carpets without spreading it around or causing damage.

How to use Formula 101 on greasy carpet stains

For the toughest of motor grease type stains:


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3. How to easily get red wine stains out of carpet

Red wine stains, stain. What else is there to say about it?

How about red wine stains can easily be completely removed with Formula 101 without causing damage or bleaching the surface being treated.

Formula 101 is an organic plant based surfactant that encapsulates the individual dirt molecules (in this case wine stain) and lifts them away from your carpet.

Read a blog from one of our customers on her experience with Formula 101 on red wine carpet stains in Is Formula 101 really ALL that? Skeptic Turned Believer.

How to use Formula 101 to get red wine stains out of carpets

Want to know what others have said about Formula 101? Read our reviews here!

4. How to get a tub surround clean with Formula 101

Do you find your shower doors or tub surround never quite looks clean even after a good scrub? You can thank soap scum and watermarks for that. Both can be difficult to eliminate despite our best efforts.

With Formula 101 however it is quick, easy, and the result is shiny.

This plant based surfactant removes all unwanted dirt, leaves behind no residue, and provides an instantaneously spot free surface.

How to use Formula 101 on your shower/tub surround

For tougher tub grime, let the Formula 101 sit on the surface for a moment before working it in.

Follow it with a water rinse to reveal a shiny spot free surface.

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