Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

About Datzchem Inc.

Previously known as Enviro-Tec, Datzchem Inc was incorporated in 1995 in order to share the powerful tool now known as Formula 101. Our beginnings were humble and consisted of going door to door to introduce a safe alternative cleaning product as a one man team.

What started in local neighbourhoods eventually expanded to taking a station at the Farmers Market right here in Kelowna, BC., where you can still find us today.

In 2006, Formula 101 experienced a growth spurt when it hit the retail markets. And by 2014 it was obvious that it was time to get online to keep up with demand; and increase the presence and reach of our green cleaning message.

Over the years we have built a customer base of 40,000+ across North America, who regularly benefit from Formula 101 and WOW!! Products.

The 20+ years of using Formula 101 ourselves, selling it to repeat (and new) customers, and receiving amazing feedback from happy customers continues to fuel our passion for the product and a greener planet.

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