Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

About Formula 101

Why was Formula 101 created?

There is increasing evidence available on the harmful, sometimes even lethal, effects of certain chemicals like butyl or phenol, in everyday household cleaners.

Phenol for instance, is an extremely caustic chemical that is frequently used as the antiseptic/disinfectant component in cleaners. Frequent or prolonged exposure can lead to a wide array of serious health consequences including but not limited to second and third degree burns, lung edema, kidney failure, heart rate irregularities, seizures, and even death. The National Institute of Health reports phenol as potentially lethal with very low exposure in hypersensitive individuals.

Another common ingredient is butyl. It is known to dissolve molecules and is therefore used in products like herbicides, stripping agents, and antifreeze. Although organic in nature, it can cause allergic contact dermatitis, as well as eye and respiratory irritation. Despite butyls side effects it is not required by law to be listed as an active ingredient in household cleaning agents.

You might have rid your home of those pesky little germs but at what cost?

If many of our traditional household cleaners are so damaging to our human and pet bodies, imagine the detrimental effects on our environmental ecosystems and nature globally.

Where do these pollutants go after being used? Down the drains into our water sources after mopping our floors, rinsing our bathtubs, or washing our laundry. Some get soaked right into the soil in our immediate environment from washing the BBQ or garage floor. "Fresh" water streams are found to be contaminated; so on and so forth.

If you were to go read the labels on some of the cleaning products under your kitchen sink right now, you might discover that some state “must be diluted with water before disposal in a sanitary sewer”. Why? Because of how harsh they are on the environment.

You might also discover that a “water rinse is required for surfaces that may come into contact with food, baby items, or toys”. Considering babes somehow miraculously manage to get into (and sometimes on to) everything, it leaves very few “safe” surfaces to clean with these products, unless doing double the work and rinsing everything with water after is acceptable.

Why do these harmful products continue to be put on our grocery store shelves?

Because they meet a bottom line. Someone’s bottom line. Unfortunately you might not even be aware of these ingredients being in your specific cleaning product since they may either not be listed at all (ie butyl) or be under a completely different name.

These products were not originally designed with the intention of causing harm but to solve a problem; and they did. However, with our current knowledge, we at Datzchem Inc, believe comes the responsibility to search for and provide safe alternative options. This is how Formula 101 was born. We wanted to create a product that was safe for humans, animals, and Mother Earth, all while being effective on big messes and stains on any surface.

Our intention with Formula 101 is to create a sustainable, ridiculously cost effective and easily accessible cleaning solution.

Got littles kissing your glass patio doors while longingly gazing outside?

No problem! Formula 101 gets those precious little hand prints off streak free allowing the kids, dogs, AND cats to return to their shenanigans while your mind rests easy about what they could possibly be absorbing or ingesting.

Fell asleep on your date night with your significant other and in a startle fed your wine to the carpet? Keep your feet up while your date demonstrates the magical disappearance act with Formula 101.

What about those black grease stains on your hard working mechanic husbands clothes? They are no match for the lifting power of Formula 101. You can safely use it to spot treat or as an alternative to bleach without worrying how it might affect your summer brights.

Formula 101 is the end to your cleaning nightmare. Try it risk free today!


About Daztchem

Previously known as Enviro-Tec, Datzchem Inc was incorporated in 1995 in order to share the powerful tool now known as Formula 101. Our beginnings were humble and consisted of going door to door to introduce a safe alternative cleaning product as a one man team.

What started in local neighbourhoods eventually expanded to taking a station at the Farmers Market right here in Kelowna, BC., where you can still find us today.

In 2006, Formula 101 experienced a growth spurt when it hit the retail markets. And by 2014 it was obvious that it was time to get online to keep up with demand; and increase the presence and reach of our green cleaning message.

Over the years we have built a customer base of 50,000+ across North America, who regularly benefit from Formula 101 and WOW!! Products.

The 20+ years of using Formula 101 ourselves, selling it to repeat (and new) customers, and receiving amazing feedback from happy customers continues to fuel our passion for the product and a greener planet.

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