Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

Directions and Uses

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Read Formula 101's Many Uses and Directions Below

At one capful per spray bottle Formula 101 is an excellent general purpose product. If need be you can use Formula 101 stronger or even pure to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges!

The three basic dilutions for Formula 101 are:


3oz per bottle,

12oz per gallon


1-2oz per bottle,

4 oz per gallon


¼ oz per bottle,

1oz per gallon



Use Formula 101 in a sprayer, pail, pressure washer or steam cleaner. Use one capful per sprayer (120:1) with a clean dry WOW!! Cloth for light cleaning requirements.

General purpose:

When using your Formula 101 as an all-purpose cleaner use the cap from the bottle to measure one capful into the sprayer and fill the rest of the bottle with water.


Shampoo Carpet

• Vacuum carpet.

• Mix 120:1 (30:1 for badly soiled areas) with hot water.

• Put solution into holding tank of machine.

• Shampoo whole carpet.

Towel dry or vacuum carpet if necessary.

For tar or heavy stains treat with a few drops of the concentrate and work product into stain


Without Machine:

• Vacuum carpet.

• Add 1-6 capfuls Formula 101 to mop pail of hot water.

• Apply with soft bristle brush or sponge mop.

• Shampoo whole carpet.

• Towel dry then vacuum when dry to the touch.

Formula 101 contains a drying agent for fast and even drying.


Linoleum, Laminate, Hard Wood or Tile Floors

• Mix Formula 101 with hot water 120:1 in sprayer.

• Spray floor and mop up with a clean dry WOW!! Cloth.

• To clean grout on tile floors and for heavy wax removal use Formula 101 stronger letting it sit for 5 minutes.

Use floor buffer for excellent results with Formula 101.


Grout/Mildew Removal on Tiles or Bathtubs

• Mix 10:1 with water and spray tiles.

• Use brush or 3M Scotch Brite pad to remove severe grouting stains.

• After removing grout stains rinse or wipe dry.

After initial application Formula 101 may be used at 30:1 dilution for continued maintenance. Use a WOW!! Cloth for best results.


Upholstery and Fabric

• Mix Formula 101 with hot water 30:1 in a bucket, brush entire area. Towel dry then vacuum.

For heavy stains use a 10:1 mix, spray soiled area sticking the head of the nozzle directly into the stain and agitate while spraying the bottle (or use a couple drops of concentrate).

Formula 101 is excellent on velour, velvet and all types of auto and home upholsteries.


Ovens/Conventional Ovens

• Mix Formula 101 10:1. Pre-spray the night before. The next day apply Formula 101 to a warm oven and use a 3M Scotch Brite pad to thoroughly remove baked on grime.

Formula 101 works excellent on hot ovens!

Polish stainless steel with Formula 101 & a WOW!! Cloth. Formula 101 is excellent griddle cleaner and also works on filters and overhead fans for restaurants.

Formula 101 is non toxic and biodegradable when diluted and therefore perfect for all restaurants.


Clean Vinyl Tops

• Mix Formula 101 with water 30:1.

• Clean top with brush and solution.

• Rinse with clean water (will remove mildew).


Dipping Parts

Formula 101 is excellent for dipping parts to remove carbon deposits, epoxy glues, surface rust and heavy greases.

For Example, on engines, spare parts, metals (finished and unfinished) and other tough cleaning challenges.

• Use a 7:1 solution, soak for approximately 2 hours.

• Rinse with water.

You may filter the used solution for re-use.


Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing Vehicles

Formula 101 works great in all pressure washers and steam cleaners. Powders usually clog nozzles and machines while Formula 101 is 100% water soluble.

Formula 101 can be used for paintwork, floors, engines and heavy machinery. (Hint: when cleaning grease from concrete pre-spray surface with 7:1, add boiling water and brush with a stiff bristled brush).

Use Formula 101 at a 30:1 solution as a pre-spray and brush over vehicle with a soft brush before pressure washing.

The majority of pressure washers run over 1000 p.s.i. So use Formula 101 at a 120:1 dilution. If your holding tank holds about 20 liters (5 gallons) then use one cup of concentrate per tank. Hot water always works better than cold (try using rain water for a really shiny vehicle).


Oxidation and Paint Overspray

Use Formula 101 instead of rubbing compound to remove paint oxidation.

• Oxidation: Work in sections, coat section with a 7:1 mix.

Don’t allow mix to run into other areas. Buff in circular motion with clean, dry WOW!! Cloth. Formula 101 restores paint to its natural luster.

• Paint overspray: Apply a 7:1 mix to a dry WOW!! Cloth rub the area. Formula 101 removes overspray without damage to original paint.

Formula 101 contains no silicone; a 30:1 mix will be very effective as a wax or grease remover. Formula 101 contains no solvent and won’t have adverse effects on fresh paint!



Use Formula 101 to replace blanket wash or other chemicals to clean printing equipment. Formula 101 effectively cleans and conditions rubber and is safe for metal.

Use Formula 101 to remove ink from hands, clothes and machinery.

• Apply with spray or cloth in a 10:1 mixture.


De-fogging Glass and Mirrors

Apply Formula 101 at a 120:1 mix.

• Buff glass with a clean dry WOW!! Cloth (for wind-shields, eyeglasses, mirrors, scuba masks, ski goggles, display cases, plexiglass, stainless steel etc).

FORMULA 101 is an excellent antistatic.


Degrease car Engines

• Mix Formula 101 with water at a 7:1.

• Spray on engines/parts, rinse with pressure washer or garden hose. Cleans grease off of concrete too!

Formula 101 works excellent on hot engines and since it’s not a petroleum distillate, it’s non-flammable — the hotter the engine the better the results.


Boats/Recreational Vehicles

Formula 101 is very efficient to remove carbon on the belly of an aircraft, glycol removal from windows, oxidized aluminum, on hard plastics, headliners, as a bilge cleaner, on fiberglass, as hull cleaner and on stainless steel. Simply spray on and wipe to a brilliant shine with a clean dry WOW!! Cloth™.


Laundry and Stain Removal

Formula 101 will do an equal, if not better job than most products to remove stains.

• Pre-spray stain with 10:1 solution or work in a couple drops of the concentrate on really tough stains.

• Add ¼ cup Formula 101 to laundry for heavy stains on work clothes.

Formula 101 is excellent for wine stains and laundering of hotel/restaurant towels and sheets.



Use Formula 101 in all ultrasonic machines. mix at a 120:1 dilution. You may also soak your jewelry for 15-20 minutes in the same mixture in a glass then wipe with a clean, dry WOW!! Cloth.

You can use Formula 101 on any surface if you follow these rules:

  1. Always mix Formula 101 with water. Sea water can be used. Do not mix with any other chemicals.
  2. Always test for color fastness when using Formula 101 on fabrics. Keep this in mind and you will find Formula 101 is an economical, quick and easy to use and also fun!


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