Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

How It Works

How does Formula 101 work?

The plant-based surfactant in Formula 101 increases the efficacy of our existing universal solvent, water, by making it super thin. Simply put, it makes wet water wetter (that's a mouthful!) and in the process creates a powerful tool.

With the tension of water broken, the solution is able to saturate and wrap around each individual dirt molecule allowing the user to simply wipe it away.

Unlike traditional household cleaners, Formula 101 does not break down dirt but instead surrounds it, therefore eliminating the need for excessive scrubbing. When dirt is dissolved, as happens with typical cleaners, it soaks further into absorbent surfaces like carpet spreading an already intimidating stain around. With Formula 101, once saturated in foam the dirt easily lifts away never to be seen again!

How exactly does a Surfactant work?

Formula 101 Bio Surfactant

A surfactant molecule has two ends to it. A hydrophobic end (repels water), and a hydrophilic end(attracts water). Basically what happens is the hydrophilic end of the molecule bonds to the dirt, grime or oil, while the tail hydrophobic end is left sticking out. This is what will create a "sheeting action" to the water.

It's wonderful to watch what takes place when water comes in contact with the surfaces you just cleaned with Formula 101 and the WOW!! Cloth. In most instances, especially noticeable on vehicles, glass, painted surfaces and stainless steel, the surface will be dry to the touch instantly.

This phenomenon is prevalent because of an electromagnetic coating and not a wax. There is absolutely no residue left behind and this "invisible coating" can last up to 30 days!

Is Formula 101 safe to use on everything?

Formula 101 is a water based product and is not meant to be used on anything you cannot use water on. You should not use it on silk, satin, suede, pearls or opals.

The general rule: If you can clean it with water, you can clean it with Formula 101.

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