Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

Formula 101 is your natural alternative to toxic household cleaners

An organic, all-purpose plant-based cleaner that works wonders on every surface & stain in your home. The highly concentrated formula is diluted with water for a gentle yet powerful deep clean.

About Formula 101

Formula 101 is a super-concentrated, organic all purpose cleaner that is safe on any surface in your home that you would use water on with no phenols or lead-based colouring. It is a biodegradable surfactant made entirely out of plants. 100% natural, this powerful plant based technology is safe for the user and the environment and reduces your plastic footprint on the planet.

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Earth Embracing

We consider the impact of our products on humanity and our planet in the present and future. Our organic plant based surfactant is biodegradable and safe for people, animals, and our water sources. Formula 101 is proudly made in Canada. Our raw ingredients are sourced from Alberta, while manufacturing and distribution are done in Kelowna, BC. Once empty, our containers can be reused or recycled.

Animal Adoring

We love our furry, feathery, and scaly friends! Which is why we do not test our products on animals. Formula 101 is derived from plants and safe around pets when used as directed. No animal by-products are used in the making of Formula 101 and it is completely cruelty free.

Extremely Effective

Formula 101 has a powerful effect on all types of stains — no vigorous scrubbing required! Unlike everyday household cleaners, Formula 101 surrounds and lifts dirt molecules away from any surface. It is supremely effective against dirt yet harmless for the user and gentle on the earth. We only provide products that we ourselves use in our own homes, around our own loved ones and prized possessions.

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This product is quite amazing! I have used it on everything... counters, mirrors, sinks, boots, floors, car dash and on it goes. The best test, however, was when beet juice was spilt on the car carpet. (light grey). That was a big mess!! I sprayed 101 on the carpet when I got home and soaked up the juice with paper towels I kept repeating this until as much of the beet juice was soaked as possible. Then I got an old towel, sprayed 101 added a little water to flush any remnant out and scrubbed. It ALL came out not even any pink color was left Thanks a bunch! Wonderful product.

– Nadine M., British Columbia

I have been using Formula 101 religiously and I love it! I have two indoor cats living with me and it is amazing how much hair and footprints they can track over my hardwood floors. I keep the spray bottle and a swiffer mop handy and I love how efficiently your Formula 101 cleans and shines. I've also used it on my granite counter tops, slate floors and mirrors. I am very happy with this product and have recommended it to several friends.

– Linda M., British Columbia

We have begun using Formula 101. First use was on house windows along with a micro fiber cloth - fantastic! Works very well in the bathrooms too.. it just melts off shower soap scum for instance. I did not use on my car as you demonstrated. The car was quite dirty and I takled the job in the old fashioned soap and water; however, the water is from the well and full of minerals which in turn spot the car to "why did I wash it anyway" look. Chamois this and that.. forget it! Just spritz some Formula 101.

– Brian W., British Columbia

It really works!! Our new car had a stain on the fabric from some coffee and the Formula 101 took it out in seconds. It was awesome.

– Barry M., British Columbia

Im not sure if you remember us, we bought your product at the farmers market! I just wanted to let you know how absolutely outstanding your product really is. I spray and don't have to let it sit, and scrub and it's gone. I was dumping paint into a paint can and got it on my white burbur carpet, my husband sprayed it, scrubbed and it came out, like nothing!! No trace of paint, and it was DARK RED PAINT!!! WE NEED MORE!!

– Brandon & Kayleigh, British Columbia

I must admit I did have buyer remorse at spending so much money, but my wood floors look the best they have since new. I also like it for windows. Could use an extra cloth. Works well on faucets etc.

– Poppy, British Columbia