Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

Frequently Asked Questions About Formula 101

1) Why is there a WHIMIS label on your bottle?

Formula 101 is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Because we deliver a concentrate directly to the consumer we are required by law to label the product as if you were using it straight out of the bottle.

There should be no mistake that this is a cleaning product and not a pancake syrup. We put a D2 WHIMIS label on our products because it is the lowest WHIMIS label available to show that this is a cleaning product and not for human consumption.

2) Why use microfibre cloths?

The "microfibres" increase the surface area of the cloth by reaching out adhesive like micro fingers at microscopic dirt particles. Those individual fingers, catch the surrounded dirt molecules and lift them away from the surface of whatever you're cleaning. That's a lot of micro magic!

3) Where is Formula 101 available?

Formula 101 can be found at local farmers markets in some cities in British Columbia. But is also conveniently available for effortless ordering online.

4) Is Formula 101 tested on animals?

We get this question a lot! Formula 101 is absolutely not tested on animals. Being animal lovers ourselves we could not fathom testing anything other then a favourite new healthy snack on our four legged or multi-legged friends.

5) Is it safe to use around pets?

Formula 101 is safe to use on surfaces that pets may come in contact with. That being said it is by no means a refreshing drink for them.

6) Do we have coupons or samples available?

We do not offer free samples. We do, however, offer a 30 day risk free money back guarantee. Once you've got your Formula 101 Pak and have performed your own tests, if you are not happy with the results you can request a full refund.

7) Does Formula 101 contain phosphates?

No. Formula 101 does not contain phosphates.

8 ) Why choose Formula 101 over traditional household cleaners?

Because it's safe, natural, and friendly for humans and pets. If you have ever suffered the irritation (ie. eye burning, coughing/shortness of breath, or contact dermatitis) caused by caustic everyday cleaning products, and wished for something better, then Formula 101 is the product to try risk free.

9) Is there anything non-organic in Formula 101?

Yes. We use a green food colouring agent to distinguish the liquid as a cleaning solution and serves as a visual aid on the concentration to water ratio. This way the user can easily see how strong a currently diluted agent is as varying cleanups require more or less concentrations.

10) Is it safe to use Formula 101 on everything?

Anything you can use water on safely, you can use Formula 101 on as well. You should not use it on silk, satin, pearls, or opals.

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