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Is Formula 101 really ALL that? Skeptic turned believer

Is Formula 101 really ALL that? Skeptic turned believer

How to Easily Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

The first time I was introduced to Formula 101 by my now Fiancé I dismissed the product entirely. Quite frankly his enthusiasm and promotion of it irritated me. After all I have a couple decades of cleaning experience behind me; especially being the only female offspring in a very traditional household AND working as a house cleaner during my university days. Let’s just say I know how to brush a toilet just fine and don’t appreciate being told by someone else how to do so, by a man no less!

I’m a skeptic that judges by results. At the same time I may not always be willing to try something new to find out if it is all that. It was no different with Formula 101.

Although I hated the harsh scents of traditional household cleaners that burned my eyes, would get me coughing up a lung, or leave my hands all sorts of bumpy from contact dermatitis...I wasn’t particularly willing to believe in a magical all natural solution. Until one fine evening when my entire, freshly filled, glass of wine made its debut on our brand new (and light) carpet. I was horrified!

My fiancé however donned his superhero cape and enjoyed demonstrating Formula 101’s power to a skeptical The entire red splash literally disappeared! I figured it was simply drenched in foam and that it would reappear the next day...but it didn’t. No stain whatsoever! No evidence of my clumsy actions.

After this miraculous carpet recovery experience I started experimenting with the product throughout the house on various surfaces and stains and now here I am, sharing them with you because I’m sold on its results.

If it can turn this skeptic into a believer, I assure you it’s a product worth trying.

By Formula 101 user - Heidi Braun

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