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How to Quickly Get Grease Stains Out of Your Carpets

How to Quickly Get Grease Stains Out of Your Carpets

Have you ever found a grease stain on your carpets and uttered in hushed curses that you will never get it out? What if you could easily get it out without much effort on your part or damage to your carpets? I am here to tell you that you can with Formula 101.

Whether you discovered your long lost McDonald fries on your car floor carpet with perfectly fry shaped grease stains, your cherub cheeked babe moisturized your carpets with the whole tub of Vaseline (awww), or your hubby mysteriously got engine oil on those beautiful light carpets, again! Or maybe you have teenagers running inadvertent science experiments with old pizza boxes in their dungeons and now have unforgiving grease stains to accommodate that stench wafting out of their rooms. We can’t help you with your teenager’s odd behaviours, but we can help with that grease stain on your carpet.

Grease is organic in nature—and Formula 101 is designed to work exactly on those type of stains by encapsulating individual grease molecules so they can be lifted away.

The concentration of Formula 101 (concentrate to water ratio) will depend on the type of stain you are wanting to clean. If it is a tougher stain, like that from from engine oil for instance, fill the bottle provided to the bottom rim/ledge with concentrate and the rest with water. This ends up being approximately 2 fluid oz (or 1/4 cup) of concentrate per 1 sprayer bottle.

Spray the stain until saturated in Formula 101. With the nozzle of the spray bottle, agitate the solution around a bit. Then take your microfibre cloth and wipe away. If there are any stains remaining, repeat the action. Spray until soaked, agitate, and wipe again.

This should get the stain out effortlessly at first go but if for whatever reason the above actions did not sufficiently get the stain out, increase your concentrate to water ratio and repeat.

The reverse holds true for a less greasy stain, simply decrease the concentration according to the stain type.

However, it will not damage the surface/carpet if the concentration of Formula 101 is stronger. Because it does not break down the dirt, you can use pure concentrate without worry of negative effects on self or your carpets.

I have yet to encounter a grease stain on my carpets that I haven’t been able to easily remove with Formula 101. That being said, we would love to hear from you the customer of any stains you've encountered where Formula 101 worked phenomenally or perhaps you found it didn’t work for you despite following directions. This gives us the opportunity to experiment with similar stains and see what kind of solution we can come up with.

Watch our demonstration video or check out our directions and uses page for further information.


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