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How to Get Your Hardwood Floors Streak Free and Shiny With Ease

Does your floor showcase every mop stroke when light hits it at the perfect angle after cleaning?

Do you strategically clean the floors so you will not step on the “freshly cleaned” wet spots to avoid footprints?

Or does your kitchen floor has been turn into a slippery skating rink after a wash?

Maybe you have come to accept this as your reality over time but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way!

What causes streaky hardwood floors?

Those streaks and footprints that annoyingly take a spotlight after cleaning with traditional chemicals is due to residue left behind.

Certain cleaners contain a wax, Teflon, or silicone product to provide a “shine” to your floors which looks nice at first but is not a true indicator of a clean surface. Just like the shiniest waxy apple is not an indicator of it being the best apple.

Unfortunately this wax causes build up over time making it difficult to remove or effectively clean the floors.

Soap based cleaners leave behind a sticky film that is responsible for footprint impressions, dust collection, and slipperiness.

In an article titled Detergent Residues on Surfaces - Food for Microbes, Dr Jay Glasel refers to this residue left behind as bacterial food. He found that cleaning residues can act as nutrients for unwanted bacteria. The very thing you don’t want is to provide a feeding ground for germs out of your freshly cleaned floors. Gross!

When I was about 13 years old I decided to be helpful and clean the house. I washed the front entrance linoleum floor with soap and water, and the result was...well, amusing. I had innocently made the floor super slippery and anyone coming through the door paid the price. I initially felt terrible watching my family skate around, but after a while enjoyed watching my brothers nearly slip and fall! Afterall, they were annoying me so slippery floors equaled sweet revenge :).

I highly doubt our customers are hoping to trip up their loved ones though, so let’s delve into how to avoid leaving behind undesirable residues.

How to Get That Streak Free Shine

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute describes green cleaning as a way of reducing environmental and physical health risks. Which is exactly why we developed a product that would address the above concerns and so much more! The detrimental effects of many traditional cleaning agents on health and our environment is overwhelmingly enormous and beyond the scope of this article.

We believe providing a safe alternative is our responsibility if we can...and we can!

Formula 101 is not only a safe, biodegradeable, and organic is also super effective in getting that true clean streak free shine to your floors.


Unlike typical household cleaners, Formula  101 does not leave behind a residue to collect dust or cause a slip or fall. When used as directed it provides an instantaneous dry surface. You no longer need to abolish the whole family into their respective rooms until your floors are dry.

Formula 101 is a plant based surfactant that works like magic by lifting dirt molecules off the floor as though it was never there to begin with. It will even remove soaked in stains from between boards thereby eliminating discolouration.

Does This Apply to My Type of Floor Surface?

What type of floor does this information apply to? The answer is any floor that has a finish on it. Whether that’s tile, cork, hardwood, laminate, and so on. Wondering if it’s safe on your specific floor? Contact us and find out.

How to Win With Formula 101 on Your Floors

  1. If cleaning hardwood, laminate, tile, or linoleum floors use 1 cap full (cap from your concentrate bottle) of concentrate per sprayer bottle. Fill the rest with hot water.
  2. Spray an area of the floor and wipe with the microfibre cloth provided attached to any standard mop. Continue until done. It’s amazing how little solution or effort is required to quickly finish the whole floor.
  3. If the dirt/stain you are cleaning is a more stubborn one, simply increase the concentrate to water ratio. 

For further information on how to clean your floor, watch the demonstration video above or check out our directions and uses page.


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