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5 Great Ideas That Will Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

Your home is your castle. Its your comfort zone and your refuge.

A clean home feels good and makes for a more organized agenda. Engaging in home cleaning is usually secondary on most of our lists though. If only it were easier we may be more inclined to git-er-done. Here are 5 ideas designed to make cleaning our house less difficult.


1. Never touch the same thing twice.

This is great advice for packing and unpacking too but particularly effective when cleaning up a room. Its unwise to pick up a piece of clutter and put it somewhere else that you will end up moving it again. Everything has a place. When you touch something don't do another task until the object is out of your hands and put into its proper place. Refuse to let the thing out of your hands until it has been dealt with properly. Deal with one thing at a time. Do first things first until they're done. If you make a habit of this it makes for an easy system of ridding a room of clutter.


2. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

The hardest part of a big job is just that..... it's a big job. You are better off to do what you can, when you can than to heap a huge task on your plate.

The problem for many of us is that if the job looks too big we just never get started. It seems like way too much work. Its easier if you split up the work. No worries... the sun will rise again and many of this stuff can be put off until another time. Its nice if we can get just a little done today. The secret to doing this is to split major tasks into less intimidating "chunks". Then further split the chunks into doable size tasks.

You can go even further with this concept if you wish and split the doable size tasks into mini tasks. Don't do anything more that one mini task at a time. Focus and try doing the very best you can with each small task. For instance if the job you have is to clean all the windows in your house, split the job up into rooms. You could further split up the rooms into individual windows then even further into panes. If you only have time to do one pane you are still making forward progress. Rome wasn't built a day and a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.


3. Always put away your supplies after your done.

If you are cleaning the windows its best if you put the panes back in. No use making a bigger mess or a bigger job. When it is time to choose your task, consider also the time it takes to clean up after your self. Consider the clean up as part of the task itself. Never leave a big mess while cleaning up a big mess! Nothing is more frustrating than walking into a room full of cleaning supplies and seeing junk scattered all over the place. Leave your work space clean so you can start fresh next time. Not only will this keep you from getting frustrated but it will also keep alive that all important momentum you need to continue with the job at hand.


4. Even if you're tired, have things to do, etc.... always find time to do even a little bit each day.

This is likely the hardest part of doing any job. Life gets busy. We get caught up in whats going on in our lives. Friends drop in unexpectedly, the phone rings and someone on the line tells us we must do something now. Also, we tend to get run down. After a long day at work we may not feel like tackling another chore. There will always be things that will take priority over cleaning.... that's for sure.

One way we can over come inertia is to just do a little bit every day and keep up with the momentum. Things are still going to happen in our lives but the momentum behind what we want to get done will still be there. Just do a bit for now. Tell yourself "I do it now."


5. Give yourself a reward.... a pat on the back for a job well done.

Remember, you are way ahead of the person that hasn't started yet. Give yourself a break. You are doing  a good job... even if you have only done a bit today. Think of something you can treat yourself with. It can be food, a long walk, time by yourself to read a book.... whatever little reward you want.

Make cleaning up a game. Don't let yourself have the reward until you accomplish a certain set of tasks. Have fun with it.

Cleaning can be much less of a chore if we just get started and implement some of these easy ideas. Good luck and happy cleaning!


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