Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

The Best Reason for Cleaning

Looking after our stuff and maintaining what we have is a chore for some, but for others its a pleasure.

The difference is simply the way we look at it. We live in a very disposable society that seems to shun the very act of fixing and maintaining. There is an underlying marketing strategy that things are meant to get old and be replaced. We should just get rid of them and buy new is what is hammered in the advertising we see everyday. It is  quite sad to think that many people live their lives this way. Out with the old.... in with the new. Many think things are only made to slightly outlast their warranty.

I would like to introduce an age old concept that makes you feel absolutely wonderful. You see, when we look after and maintain, and love and cherish what we already have.... we are given more to love and cherish.Its the simple law of attraction in our lives. We attract into our lives what we put out into the universe. The beautiful thing about this concept is that it really works.


If you don't believe me I will give you a challenge: Try going outside today and cleaning your car.... from top to bottom. Get into the air vents and clean all the dust out. Polish that old paint until it shines. Vacuum it all out. Clean the windows inside and out, wipe down the dash, the upholstery and the instrument panel. Really make it sparkle inside and out. If you wish... turn on some music and enjoy the experience.

I know many of you are thinking this is perhaps the worst nightmare you could imagine.... if this is the case stop reading now because what happens next and what I am about to describe will only happen if you actually take action and do this.

If you are still reading this is what happens:
You feel great about yourself! You feel as though you accomplished something. You feel like a million bucks! You forgot what you were upset about or what was on your mind when you started and you had an opportunity to relax. You created value. Not only does the car look clean to you but it looks clean to others too. This is a reflection of who you are. People love to see that you look after your things. People love to see you care. People look at you differently when they see you driving down the road in a nice clean car. They look up to you.... they are in awe of you.

When we see something clean, neat and organized we are able to see the world in a more positive way. It fosters optimism. Its the only "feel good" drug I know of that costs nothing other than the time (maybe the expense of the cleaner too).... and has absolutely no downside!

You feel great, you have a clean car (or clean something else if the car really isn't your thing) and people are looking at you with much respect. As if that wasn't enough... you are also attracting more really nice things that you will have an opportunity to care for into your life! Because you loved first you will attract more of what you love into your life! Wow!

Might take an hour or two of your time.... but the payoff is well worth it. Try it... you'll see. Whats the worst that can happen??? You get a nice clean car!


Happy cleaning and warm regards,


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