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The Secret to Cleaning Your Home Effectively and Living Longer

As humans, we are naturally flawed. Scared of change, many of us follow the status quo.


Caught up in our busy lives, we are not aware of the many dangers around us. Being busy makes it easy to carry on with the conventional way things have been. It’s easy to miss red flags and blaring lights even when things are so black and white.


Today, I would like you to take a second.


Take a second to really learn something and apply it to your life. It could mean the difference between seeing your grand-child graduate and only getting to attend her 6th birthday party.


What’s the secret?


The chemicals contained in commercial cleaning products are extremely deadly, poisonous to your environment and toxic to your health.


I can already hear your thoughts – “tell me something I don’t know”. OK, to start…


Phthalates, which are found in aromatic products or any product that has a fragrance, including air fresheners, soaps and even toilet paper, can cause incurable genital side effects on male children. They are also known to be cancer causing.


Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS) are found in most household cleaners which are labeled ‘antibacterial’. QUATS help in breeding of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and it poses as a skin irritant which may cause dermatitis. Also, people who are regularly exposed to or in contact of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds may develop asthma later stages in life as it causes the burning of mucous membranes. This also affects the skin and can cause burns. QUATS can also cause abdominal pain, vomiting, anxiety, restlessness, hypotension, comma, cyanosis, nausea and respiratory muscle paralysis. Just lovely eh.


2-Butoxyethanol is one of the primary components found in window cleansers. It has a characteristic sweet smell. As per the government rules and regulations, it is not mandatory that a company lists this chemical in the product label. If inhaled in small quantities, this chemical may cause sore throats. On an intake at considerably high levels, 2-butoxyethanol leads to narcosis, severe liver and kidney damage and pulmonary edema.


The list goes on and on. By now I hope you’re getting the point. Every time you clean with commercial cleaning products you are putting yourself and your family at some degree of risk. What do you think will happen to your body after years upon years of inhaling and absorbing these products in your home? Even though you may not be able to smell it after a few hours, most of these chemicals can have a half-life that lasts years which can accumulate in your body.


It has been said by the National Safety Council that “the air pollution in your home can be 10-times worse than on an open highway”.


So how do you clean your home effectively and live longer?


It’s actually quite simple. Start cleaning with natural and organic products.


By cleaning with a natural product you will greatly reduce your exposure to the above, and so many other, dangerous chemicals contained in these traditional cleaners.


In many cases, these products are more affordable and even more powerful than typical household cleaners.


In addition to being WAY better for your body, organic products are more sustainable for the environment and will help you to live a longer and healthier life.


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Live longer, be healthier and protect your environment!


Happy cleaning and warm regards,



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