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Protecting Your Family With Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

Earthy friendly products are not only beneficial to the planet but good for you as well.

Organic cleaning products are safer for your family because they do not expose them to harmful chemicals that have been linked to many terrible illnesses.

Chemicals in cleaners have been linked to everything from brain damage in children to cancer. Green cleaning products can help you to get your home really clean without leaving behind any of the harmful residue. 


The Residue


Long after you have rinsed away traditional cleaners the chemical imprint still remains. This chemical imprint can be releasing harmful fumes without you ever realizing it. Earth friendly products do not leave behind a harmful film of chemicals that can seep into your skin.


If you have children or pets you can be exposing them to cleaning agents long after you have finished cleaning. These chemicals can stay on surfaces and seep into porous materials for weeks after you have used them. They can actually stay around for a lot longer than weeks in many cases.


The residue can contain the most harmful concentrations of the chemicals that children and pets especially are likely to come in contact with. These harsh chemicals can cause rashes and allergies, breathing problems and even digestive issues.


Most people do not give a second thought to what they are leaving behind when they clean! Sometimes what you leave behind is more important than what you clean up!


Lets Take a Deep Breath-Maybe?


The residue is not the only thing that you are leaving behind when you clean using traditional chemical cleaners. You are also causing some problems with your interior air. The molecules from those traditional cleaners are present everywhere you are cleaning.


Even if you can not smell the chemicals you are still being effected by them. The molecules mix in with the molecules in your air and travel through your duct work. While some molecules will get caught on their way through your filtration system many will not.


It is a chance that you are taking every time you use harsh cleaners to clean your home. Many people do not realize that stuffy feeling that they get in their homes can be directly linked to the amount of chemicals that are flying around their homes in their air ducts.


You Can Make The Change


You can make the choice to not inflict these chemicals on your family and still get your home sparkling clean. Choosing organic cleaning products that come from natural sources is a choice for the health of your family. Keep in mind that earth friendly cleaning products does not mean that you are getting less strength to clean with you are actually going to get even more powerful cleaning attributes. Most chemical cleaners are created in a laboratory to mimic the cleaning power of naturally found elements!


Green cleaning products are the path to a healthier home! You do not have to use harsh chemicals that put your family in danger to get your house clean! Make the right choice today!


Jeffrey Dmytrowich

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