Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

Spectacular Sparkle On The RV


After camping with my family for a week in southern BC I noticed that my holiday trailer was less than clean. I have to admit that I had only cleaned it before by pulling into the RV pressure washer bay. It always came clean enough. After this trip I decided to put some FORMULA 101 into a bucket and brush it on.


It was a family affair on a hot day.

My youngest 7yr old son had a little brush and he was cleaning the rims by dipping the brush into the solution we were using then running to each wheel. His job was to get into all the crevices and grooves that my bigger brush could not get into.
My daughter was the rinser. I bought a reducer for our garden hose which works great. My job was to brush the Formula 101 solution on, one section at a time, and 10 yr old Jennifer would rinse it off.

We worked our way around the vehicle, a section at a time, ensuring the solution didn't dry on the surface. The whole 25 ft trailer took about 40 minutes to complete.

I love the way Formula 101 sheets the water off to virtually eliminate water spots! Sure it was coming clean but what happened next made me smile.


While I was driving down to where I park my trailer I glanced in the rear view mirror. I had to do a double take as I didn't recognize the reflection. The trailer had come so clean that for a moment I questioned whether it was mine! Never before had I seen it that shiny! It was more brilliant than the day we bought it. I was amazed. It looked like a brand new unit! I vowed to take the time to clean all of my vehicles on my driveway using Formula101 from now on.

Although the pressure washer is a little faster, the shear shine that Formula 101 leaves behind is definitelydefinately worth the small added effort.

Looking in my rear view mirror that day convinced me that I am onto something big. I must tell others about this. It's way too effective to be kept a secret. The world has got to know!

All you have to do is clean your vehicle once using this amazing environmentally friendly solution. Join forces with me to tell others. There is a better way! Its the shine I say..... I love it!




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