Formula 101 Eco Friendly Cleaning System

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Organic Cleaners Today!

Today’s world is full of unknowns.

When it comes to our cleaning products we need to be extra cautious because we don’t know what’s in them. Why risk it? Why not use an organic cleaner? I’ll give 5 reasons why you need to switch to an organic cleaning product today!


Unknown and Unregulated Chemicals

There are hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are used to make cleaning products. When you don’t use an organic cleaning product you are using a solution that contains chemicals that are unregulated by the EPA. Scary thought, I know. If you use a cleaning product like Formula 101 you will know exactly what chemicals, if any, are being used. This will help you and your family stay safe and clean.


Keep Kids Safe

If you have kids you know that they get into everything including the cleaning supplies. If you use a cleaning product that has harmful chemicals in it your child could potentially get into it and end up in the hospital with a serious illness. Using an organic all purpose cleaner will help keep your kids safe because if they get into the cleaning cabinet they will swallow a solution that won’t have much of an effect on them. The cleaner is organic so all the chemicals that are in it can be found outside and won’t cause any harm to the body.


Smells Better

If you’ve ever used a cleaning product that isn’t organic you know that stinging sensation you get in your eyes and nose. All those chemicals are harmful to your body and they don’t smell very good. They might clean the kitchen floor but it comes at a cost. Avoid all the pain from those cleaning products and use an Formula 101. It smells better and it won’t cause any discomfort when you use it.


Cleaner Air

We’ve all used those spray aerosol cans to try and “clean” the air. What you probably didn’t know was that those sprays contain harmful chemicals that can cause serious damage to your central nervous system. Doesn’t sound very clean now does it? Formula 101 doesn’t use any of those chemicals so there won’t be any damage to your body at all.


Poisoning Your Water Supply

When you use laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaners, or even dish soap you could be poisoning local rivers and water supplies. This water could effect the environment and wildlife. Not only that, this water could come back to your household and then you and your family would be drinking and using the water that was already dirtied up by you in the first place.


Do you want to stop using harmful, caustic, chemical cleaners?. It’s organic, not harmful and it will help keep you and the environment safe. Switch to FORMULA 101 to see what a difference it will have in your everyday cleaning.





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