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How to Clean Stainless Steel Perfectly

Stainless steel is a popular choice when considering new appliances. It looks great and carries esteem as it's a higher end purchase.


At first people are usually quite proud of their new stainless steel belongings, that is until they try to clean them.


A person soon finds out that its almost impossible to clean it perfectly. The difficulty is that, even after repeated attempts it can still look like a streaky, marked up mess. After spending all that money on expensive appliances it can leave a person feeling dismayed.


The stainless steel contraptions are not the only thing that are expensive. The products sold to clean them can be costly as well. Sad thing is that most “stainless steel” cleaners clean ONLY stainless steel. Its not like someone could use those products to clean windows or stains on clothing or walls and floors. No, they would need to buy additional products for all that. So, another can of toxic cleaner is added under the sink.


Most of the upscale products are spray cleaners sold in an aerosol cans. A person sprays the pricey liquid onto the surface, holds their breath to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes, then hopes for the best wiping it off with a multitude of paper towels. The stuff smears all around leaving behind a sticky, streaky mess. If a person has 3 new appliances in their kitchen the can doesn't last long. Neither does the roll of paper towel.


The products are often petroleum based and quite toxic. The fumes are poisonous but so is the residue that's left behind. If a toddler runs their hand over the freshly cleaned surface then puts that hand in their mouth they are in danger of ingesting the petroleum ingredient. Yuck! It's the price one has to pay to have a temporarily shiny fridge. Seems many people are willing to take that risk.


The shine these products leave behind only lasts briefly. Touching the surface makes marks and streaks and the residue attracts dust. Almost as soon as the appliance is cleaned its time to clean it again. Born is a toxic never ending and highly frustrating cycle.


It doesn't have to be that way.


Even right now there is an answer..... and its easy!


An organic surfactant cleaner has no toxic fumes when spraying and leaves behind absolutely no residue that can leave marking and smearing on surfaces.


Using a “two cloth system” to clean makes for a steak free shine. Take the first cloth and wring it out under some warm water. Make it damp..... not soaked. Spray organic surfactant on to the surface being cleaned and wipe it with the damp cloth first removing all the dirt. Then buff to a brilliant shine with the clean dry cloth.


Formula 101 is the most powerful cleaning product on the market. It is 100% natural, safe and eco friendly. It works unlike chemical cleaners and is far more powerful.


Buy Formula 101 today and replace all the cleaners underneath your kitchen sink!


Happy cleaning and warm regards,


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